About Us- Bolmay Cocoa
About - what we are
The rise of Bolmay Cocoa
Bolmay started because Mr joseph needed a good quality cocoa powder
Mr Joseph together with his four sons started up a small shed to process the cocoa beans he grew in his own small farm in Calicut, Kerala, India
1982 19
1999 19
business growth
His eldest Son Mr shaju took over the factory which was still small scale with a work force of just 12 employees.
He loved the entrepreneurial aspect of the job. In the first five years Mr Shaju did amazing things and his business grew rapidly and organically.
Focused on Quality
The more successful his business became the more demands multiplied. Rather than focus on strategically growing his business, Shaju's day job amounted to improving the product quality
2010 20
2015 20
- 20
Plans to grow together
With more visibility from rich insights gleaned from product development he could focus on helping the cocoa farmers in and around malabar region by buying cocoa beans at a fair trade price and building a better, more responsible organisation.
Sky's the limit! 10,000+ Happy Customers
Now a global business
We supply highest-grade cocoa powder, cocoa butter and Ice cream coatings while our coatings product offer ranges across literally hundreds of Ice cream coatings recipes for the Dairy industry.
At Bolmay we continuously conduct research and development into new recipes, ingredients and production technologies at our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, offering creative new solutions to our customers while minimizing their production risks and costs.
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