Cocoa beans and Cocoa powder

Before going into the fact of difference between high fat vs low fat cocoa powder and which is better, it make sence to get into the essentials of the introduction of the cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is produced using the cocoa beans.

The cocoa bean is collected from cocoa tree. The beans are matured for a variable timeframe.

The cocoa beans are then dried after the aging procedure.

This is done to expand the smooth yet complex flavors the cocoa beans.

The following stage is breaking the cocoa to frame cocoa nibs.

cocoa nibs on the wooden surface

Pulverizing the cocoa nibs through a processing procedure creates a cocoa liquor or cocoa mass.

About 30% of the world cocoa bean crop is converted into cocoa mass in a country where it is grown. This material is sometimes referred to as “original” liquor or mass. In later processing, such mass is not necessarily used alone, but sometimes is blended with mass or liquor from other sources.

Realize that cocoa bean is really half healthy fats.

What’s cocoa butter extraction?

Extraction strategies are utilized to extract the cocoa butter the cocoa mass. Removing the cocoa fat from the cocoa mass is accomplished through a procedure of pressing the cocoa butter or cocoa mass between high pressure driven plates.

What is left in the wake of separating the cocoa spread are hard-cocoa cakes called cocoa presscakes.

These cocoa cakes are then powdered finely into the cocoa powder that you know and love.

How much the butter is extracted is the thing that has the effect between what establishes high-fat cocoa powder or low-fat cocoa powder.

Forceful fat extraction will bring about a low fat cocoa powder. or fat reduced cocoa powder.

A less forceful fat extraction leaves us with a high fat cocoa powder.

Low-fat cocoa powder or fat reduced cocoa powder typically has 10-12% cocoa butter in it. While high-fat cocoa powder has 20-25% cocoa butter in it which gives it a very chocolaty feel and aroma. Cocoa butter is saturated fat which is good for health. it is one of the most expensive vegetable fat which occurs naturally. It is used for many purposes like cocoa buttercream, body lotions, chocolates etc. High-fat cocoa powder can be used in all recipes which call for cocoa powder. like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates etc

The time and pressure it takes to remove the fat by pressing, to generate isolated cocoa butter, increases substantially when the process is practiced to reduce the residue cake from about 20% fat content to about 11% fat content or lower. To reduce the fat content from 20% to about 10% may require twice as long of a processing (pressing) operation, as to reduce to 20%. Indeed, it may not be practical or even possible to get to less than about 5-9% fat, by weight, in the resulting cocoa cake, by conventional pressing techniques.

What is low fat cocoa powder or Fat reduced cocoa powder?

Cacao. Pile of cocoa powder in wooden bowl isolated on white background, top view

A low fat cocoa powder or fat reduced cocoa powder is one where a lot of the butter fat has been taken out of the chocolate liquor at the early stage of the cocoa processing. It typically contains 10-12% cocoa butter left in it.

What is high fat cocoa powder?

Generally, some butter is constantly removed from the cocoa mass. On the off chance that what is left is about 24% fat, at that point you have a high fat cocoa powder.

As a rule, high fat cocoa powder will have around 22 – 24% cocoa butter left in it.

High Fat Cocoa Powder

cocoa mass vs cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is the product derived out of the cocoa mass. Its done by hydraulic pressing of cocoa mass at very high pressure forcing the cocoa butter to leave the cocoa mass leaving the dry cocoa powder as residue.

Pieces of cocoa butter isolated on white background.

cocoa mass vs cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is the product derived out of cocoa mass. Its done by hydraulic pressing of cocoa mass at very high pressure forcing the cocoa butter to leave the cocoa mass leaving the dry cocoa powder as residue.

What is cocoa powder 10/12 vs 22/24 ?

Typically cocoa powder has two variants low fat cocoa powder or fat reduced cocoa powder with 10-12 % cocoa butter in it and 22-24 % cocoa butter called as high fat cocoa powder.

Hence fat reduced cocoa powder has higher solids contend than High fat cocoa powder.

In product recipes that contain other fats, a low fat cocoa powder is recommended. Please contact us for more product information and new formulations.

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